Revolutionizing The Snare Drum.
Mike Lester
(Emerald Field)

As a young up-and-coming player, Mike Lester has already made a name for himself. A session and touring musician as comfortable in the studio as he is on stage, Mike is known for his tasteful playing and solid groove. After taking up the drums at the age of thirteen, Mike formed his first band and immediately began performing at local shows and events. He also participated in various school and church bands. A few years later Mike started playing for Unstable Faultline where he polished his style and defined the hard-hitting technique that he uses to this very day. Today, Mike periodically performs in Music City USA and has formed relationships with some of the most revered players in the business. Upon graduation from high school Mike joined the popular band Emerald Field and currently tours from Indiana to Kentucky and Tennessee. Despite achieving success early in his career, Mike Lester is just getting started.

- Michael Aubrecht, Author - Drummer

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