Revolutionizing The Snare Drum.
registered artists
Keith Zebroski
(Miranda Lambert)
avatarMiles McPherson
avatarKevin Murphy
(Randy Houser)
avatarSean Paddock
(Kenny Chesney)
avatarChris Tyrrell
(Lady Antebellum)
Ben Jackson
avatarJim Taft
(Danny Klein's Full House)
avatarPete Abdou
(Independent / Drum Tech for Volbeat)
avatarSteve Carter
avatarRich Eisner
(Ayla Brown)
BJ Kerwin
(The Last Year)
Mike Aubin
(Deanna Bogart Band)
Ricky Wise
(Dreamboat Armada / Independent)
Mike Lester
(Emerald Field)
avatarSammy Bright
(Justin Lee )
Cody Cook
(Violence in Vanity & Yesterday's War)
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If you are a solo artist or in a band please feel free to send us an email of your photo with any MagneTone Equipment! After review we will be sure to post it here on our page. For now you can browse our registered artists below.
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